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“Trump’s Tax Plan Could Affect Your Retirement”


“5 Ways Your Client’s Taxes Are Impacted by Retirement – And What to Do About It”

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“What to Do If You Put Too Much in a 401(k)”

TV Appearances

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2015 Social Security Law

Are the changes from the 2015 Bipartisan Bill overwhelming? Watch Cameron’s WOI We Are Iowa Local News 5 interview where he provides an overview of how the deal impacted Social Security.

Dropping Oil Prices

Oil prices are tumbling, and while it may be nice at the pump, it’s not so nice on our 401(k) accounts. Watch Cameron explain how our wallets are being affected by the recent turn in the markets.

Resolution Fails

Is your New Year’s resolution to be better with your money? For many of us, our resolutions about saving turn into fails year after year. Watch Cameron explain 5 mistakes many of us make, and how to get it right!

Financial Checklist

The most important December “to do” list may not be related to shopping or parties. Watch Cameron on KCCI News Channel 8 to learn what we should all put on our year-end “to do” list.

Turkey Talk

Finances, retirement planning and elder care are probably not the topics you plan to discuss over Thanksgiving. Watch Cameron for ideas on how to start this important conversation with your adult children.

Saving For Summer

All that fun in the sun can really add up, so it’s important to not let your summer spending lead to debt damage in the fall. Watch Cameron discuss a few ways to start building a financial cushion.

Save at the Fair

While the popular eleven days of fun at the Iowa State Fair…and food can put you back a few bucks – there are ways to enjoy the fair on a budget. Watch Cameron on WOI Local News 5 for some spending tips.

Negotiating Bills

Most of us know we’re supposed to negotiate when it comes to buying a house or a car, but how about on dry cleaning? Or medical bills? A little haggling could add up. Watch Cameron’s for 5 costs we should negotiate!

Life Insurance

More than 40% of Americans do not have the financial protection of life insurance. Watch Cameron on KCCI News Channel 8 as he discusses what options are available.

Financial Cramming for College

Millions of parents are getting ready to send their babies off to college. But before they fly the coop, there is one more important thing to teach them! Watch Cameron as he discusses the 4 steps of Money Management 101.

Scary Money Mistakes

The scariest thing many people will see this Halloween is their bank statements! Ever wonder where your hard-earned cash is actually going? Watch Cameron discuss common money mistakes that are costing you.

Couple Money Questions

Even though the majority of couples think they’re doing a good job of communicating, many don’t know the basics of their finances. Watch Cameron as he provides topics all couples should discuss.

Cool Off Your Summer Spending

More than half of Americans spend the most money during summer. Watch Cameron’s WOI-TV Local 5 News interview to learn a few ways you can help cool off your spending so your budget doesn’t overheat.

Emotions & Money

From overspending to not saving enough, emotions can make – or break – your finances. Watch Cameron’s KCCI interview as he discusses how emotions can cause us to make bad money choices, and how to fix them.

Waistline or Pocketbook?

Three-quarters of Americans would rather stay in debt than put on pounds. While we all know that getting physically fit is important, watch Cameron on to learn how to put your debt on a diet.

Holiday Budget

A new survey found 62% of parents admit to overspending at the holidays, and are even dipping into emergency funds or retirement accounts! Watch Cameron for tips on how to avoid busting your budget.

File Taxes Early

Tax season is here again! Even though we have nearly 2 months yet to file, there are good reasons to get your taxes done before the last minute. Watch Cameron give 4 reasons we should file our taxes early.

How to Spend Your Refund

Last year the average tax refund was more than $2,500 and nearly 80% of people are expected to receive a tax refund. Watch Cameron on KCCI News Channel 8 give us ideas on how to make our money work all year long.

Last Minute Tax Tips

With the tax deadline just over a week away, the pressure is on for procrastinators who still haven’t filed their taxes. If you’re one of those people waiting until the last minute, watch Cameron for a few tips!

Estate Planning 101

55% of Americans die without a will or an estate plan. But you can make sure your loved ones and your legacy are protected. Watch Cameron on WOI We Are Iowa as he walks us through Estate Planning 101.

Job Costs

According to a recent study, the average American spends more than $3,000 each year to go to work! Watch Cameron discuss the largest everyday expenses and how workers can bring down the costs.

Summer Spending Hangover

With the tax deadline just over a week away, the pressure is on for procrastinators who still haven’t filed their taxes. If you’re one of those people waiting until the last minute, watch Cameron for a few tips!

Scary Spending

You’re going to see a lot of scary and spooky things this Halloween. But we’re not talking about ghosts and goblins. Watch Cameron reveal 5 scary habits we’re wasting our money on and how to avoid these mistakes!

End of Year Finances

Checking your financial list twice could be the best gift you give yourself. If you act now, there’s still plenty of time to reduce your tax bill and boost your refund! Watch for 5 smart money moves to make before 12/31.

Giving Back on a Budget

#GivingTuesday on November 29 has become a way to celebrate and help others. Watch Cameron give 5 steps to make the most out of your donation.

Trump's Proposed Tax Plan

President Elect Donald Trump has proposed many significant changes to the current tax law, which could impact many Americas. Watch Cameron and Vivid CPA, George Elias, provide an overview of Trump’s plan.