Which Team Are You Taking On Your Retirement Journey?


Ask Yourself

Is your CPA, financial advisor and attorney collaborating as a team and managing your plan together? If the answer is no, should the next question be…Why not?


Complete tax, wealth &
Estate planning team

Make Retirement VividTM

With our complete 360 approach to tax and retirement planning, you’re in expert hands with Vivid Tax.

With this highly skilled team in place, our goal is to help preserve your assets and help ensure your legacy. We provide you with a customized plan that takes into consideration your current portfolio as well as your unique financial goals. We’ll create a tailored, easy-to-understand plan that maps out a step by step the path to your financial future.

Preparing You for Your Retirement Journey

High Standards
You have high standards, and so do we. We hold ourselves accountable to the American Institute of CPAs, which sets ethical standards for our profession.
Fiduciary Bound
As Fiduciaries, we put your best interests first. We are bound to serve the interest of our clients above all else. Always.
We work only for you – not a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or mutual fund. Our recommendations are based upon what we feel is best for you, not a third-party provider.
The most effective retirement strategy is one that integrates and coordinates all forms of financial planning, including the professionals you trust all under one roof.